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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Battalion full-time Cons: My time at Battalion PR was an absolute nightmare. The level of emotional distress I (and my colleagues) experienced on a daily basis was worthy of legal ramifications. In the end, the only reason I did not take legal action against this company for the emotional abuse I experienced was because I had no energy left to vest in these people. Where do I begin? For starters, the two partners of the company cannot agree on a single thing. They provide contradicting direction and often times I felt as though one partner in particular was trying to sabotage the success of the company. Confrontations with employees are frequent and PERSONAL (prepare to be publicly humiliated everyday as well as brought into the conference room for what junior employees like to call a private whipping session). They micromanage absolutely everything, but provide no direction. When direction is provided, they go back on what their instructions were to you and contradict themselves every-single-time. It was almost comical. Not only is management unapproachable, they ridicule you and will leave your questions unanswered. They tell you to "use your brain and figure it out," but when you take the initiative they yell at you for not running absolutely everything past them. The tension in the office from morning to evening is palpable. For a small office of 6-8 employees, there is no personal interaction whatsoever. A simple good morning and goodnight are not spoken. A pregnant colleague was bullied by management and often asked to perform tasks involving the lifting of heavy objects and runs across Manhattan in the peak of the summer... even during her third trimester. This colleague happened to be epileptic and as such, her pregnancy was considered high-risk. This meant she would have to see a specialist more frequently than a regular pregnancy requires. Management would berate her for it daily with absolutely no discretion for her medical privacy - everyone in the office was always fully informed on the length and outcome of her doctor visits. The list is truly endless.. their client retention is low because they do not want to expand on their manpower in an effort to save money. Consequently, no client gets enough attention and at the end of the month everyone is scrambling to fill a report that outlines work that has not actually been done on the account. From start to finish, this was a horrible experience and I would advise everyone to steer clear of these toxic people."

Former Employee - Account Coordinator says

"I worked at Battalion full-time for less than a year Cons: It's hard to know where to begin with all of the negatives about this company. Firstly, the turnover rate is unbelievable. I worked for Battalion for less than a year (a small company of now 6 employees, including partners) and saw 6 people leave or be fired in that amount of time. A company should not be on the hunt for the same entry level roles every 2 months...this hire and fire cycle can only be attributed to the level of criticism coming from the partners and senior level supervisors and an obviously weak business structure. Frankly, these people are bullies and the environment they have created is toxic. They hire a new entry level Account Coordinator every couple of months, treat them well for the first couple of weeks, and then BAM someone gets fired or quits and you're the next punching bag. In addition to the criticism and bullying, management will also publicly humiliate you in front of your colleagues for simple mistakes, not acknowledge you when you speak to them, pile more work on you than your job description entails (this could be anything from ordering paper towels or cleaning up after their messes), micro-manage and nit-pick down to the wording used in emails, and refuse to acknowledge your hard work in order to not have to promote you or give you a justified raise. Growth is almost impossible at Battalion, as there is no investment whatsoever in employees. They want a butt in the seat doing the work and they don't care who it is. But beware, if you're that person, you will be expected to work 10 hour days with barely any break and it will be considered 'normal' - no overtime and certainly no recognition. Oh, and don't let them fool you, there's little to no perks about this job. Summer Friday's don't ever really happen and you are forced to take 3 PTO days during the holidays if you want the same break that most companies offer. There is no HR whatsoever and they also have just come up with an employee handbook several years after starting their business. Basically, there's something (several things) very *off* about this company and my advice is to run the other direction as fast as you can."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Battalion full-time for less than a year Cons: As PR professionals, communications skills are vital and to say that senior management is lacking in this department is an understatement--unless they are verbally harassing you. I've worked in several fashion roles prior to this job and the industry isn't an easy one but this company is the epitome of volatility and vindictiveness. Frankly, I’m surprised that these people exist in the real world. Each day at the agency was like an episode of Game of Thrones. The partners could rarely come to an agreement and were always in-fighting. They would manipulate junior staff into taking actions that would be counterproductive and to the detriment of their colleagues. And if you were not to do as they instructed, you’d be publicly bullied. It was a ‘mean girl’ atmosphere and they’d make sure you were very clear on that. If you didn’t get in line, they’d make your life hell and the reason they did this is, is because they are too broke to even let you go. They'd rather you quit (e.g. bullied into submission) so they won't have to pay a severance package. There was no business acumen nor ethics to the senior management. I was certainly appalled at the working conditions, and fortunately, I was quickly approached by another (bigger yet still boutique; 50+ full-time employees) agency that I remained working at for 3 years. I only say this as some people reading this review might think that it may be because I’m not “built” for agency-life but that’s untrue as I was actually quite successful (2 promotions in 3 years). The fact of the matter is: this agency is really poorly managed – so much so that there was a rotating door of partners joining and subsequently leaving the firm. If upper management can’t keep it together then how else is the rest of the company supposed to function?"

Former Intern - Intern says

"I worked at Battalion for less than a year Cons: On my first day, my task was to peel 30 price stickers off of Ralph Lauren gift boxes. On one occasion, I had to messenger several suits to a stylist in Brooklyn. The bag was so heavy and took so long to get there that I was bleeding from blisters on my hands by the time I got back. Your days are unpredictable, and the tasks you are doing truly are mundane. These may include taking inventory of the showroom, sorting shoes, putting away and alphabetizing magazines or sitting in a taxi in NYC traffic to deliver a watch to a photoshoot. I rarely ever used my writing skills to pitch or write a press release as I thought I'd be doing in a PR internship. Although I was treated well as an intern, some junior employees were treated terribly by senior management. It was honestly difficult to witness."

Equal Opportunity Representative (Former Employee) says

"a lot of unknown going on. we where last to know from higher ups Cons: leadership was poor"

Senior Motor Vehicle Operator, ECO (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced and enigetic. Very typical work day. Long hours and lots of work to complete. Cons: long hours"

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